Monday, February 7, 2011

Trip To Chile

We were so fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to Chile, South America, as a family with my family. We were there for three wonderful weeks and enjoyed the sights, smells, food, family, friends, beaches, sand, and of course all the sun that we could safely take in while travelling with a 17 month old.

Here are some travel tips I found most helpful with a little one
1. Ergo backpack for carrying the wee one, with busy streets and buses that have steep steps and stairs all around beautiful Valparaiso this was the one thing we couldn't have gone without!

2. Roll on sunscreen, it looks like a glue stick but is actually sunscreen, so easily stored, and just as wonderful to apply quickly and efficiently. We were diligent with sunscreen so the bambina would not burn, 100% success! Thank-you sunstick.

3. Wet wipes, for sticky fingers, mucked up clothing, a quick wipe down at guests houses, and the dreaded public bathrooms that do not have toilet paper and when you forgot to purchase some on your way to the loo, thank good ness for wet wipes! Yes, in many public washrooms you have to purchase toilet paper!

The city My mother grew up in, Valparaiso, amazing to see how so many of these houses survived last years earthquake and all the other major earthquakes they have encountered. It is truly jaw dropping and terrifying to see how many of the homes cling to the sides of these hills.
An amazing outdoor pool and its club house, the details of this building were stunning

 Bambina enjoying the pool.
The ergo I speak of, how I love thee. The end to a perfect pool day.